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Web Design Trends

At present, Web design is one of the most progressively developing business directions. Numerous articles are published every day about the brand new technical opportunities and requirements, which form Internet tendencies. Here is a brief summary of the latest IT trends.


Vertical ScrollingVertical scrolling

Vertical Scrolling gains popularity due to a wide spread of smart phones and tablets. It was implemented instead of a traditional branchy menu, as scrolling is more convenient and quick method of information search than clicking every single menu item. Vertical Scrolling is also applicable for home pages of traditional websites, where developers try to place more informative and efficient content. In the mean time, combined website concepts are the most optimal solutions.





A unique captivative content is essential for a website visitor, however, interactive informative clips and playbacks become more popular due an entertainment aspect. Animated images and interactive elements distinguish such websites from traditional, expectable content format. A lazyload technology is applied for these websites development, as it allows to reduce download time to a minimal level.




Website efficiencyBackground Image Deficiency

Background sliding images were widely used by website developers as entertaining web elements. They contained the most relevant company information and updates, including advertisement, news and commercial campaigns. Today minimal website concepts exclude additional decorative web services. Large printing style and short understandable phrases speed up information search and download time.