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What Are Dental Implants and The Three Common Types

Basic knowledge of the types of dental implant Dubai services will help you understand the kind of implant that will best suit your needs. The endosteal implant type is inserted inside jawbones surgically, while the subperiosteal type is inserted inside gums.  Both types of implants will benefit those who find it hard to use ordinary dentures and their bone height is very less. In Dubai, dental implants are commonly resorted to improve one’s overall look, for better chewing ability and for supporting dentures. Implants are also a better choice than going through the pain or inconvenience associated with dentures. You will not have to be worried about whether you look awkward as the implants look just like real teeth.

Dental Implant Dubai

Which Implant Is Right for You?

Before you opt for a dental implant in Dubai, you need to know exactly what the various implant procedures entail, their benefits and shortcomings. Losing a tooth is not something that you should panic about as it may be probably because the tooth itself was decaying for some reason, because of an accidental injury or diseases of the gum, or because of old age. Previously, the dentist would resort to a bridge or a denture to take care of the problem. However, when your dentist puts an implant, he makes sure that the tooth adjacent to the problem tooth does not get disturbed or damaged in any way. 

Single Implants

When you want to replace one tooth, you can either get a crown fixed or decide on a single tooth implant. The implant replaces the lost tooth and its roots; not only does it look like the natural tooth that was lost, but also the teeth surrounding it remain intact. The single implant has a more aesthetic appearance and keeping it clean is not a problem at all.

Dental Implant UAE

Implants Bridge

This works best if you have lost more than a single tooth and need to get these replaced.  Here, implants are preferred by the dentist to crowns. For every tooth that is lost, an implant is surgically inserted, and these will hold a bridge in place.  When an implant for every tooth is not practicable, the bridge has a pontic that is suspended in between two crowns supported by dental implants.

Full-Mouth Implants

This is the most feasible solution when you have lost every tooth. Here, a bridge or a denture can be used for the lost teeth. In this procedure, the planning and diagnostics stage is long drawn, followed by 6-8 implants placed in the upper jawbone and 4-6 in the one below. In the end, porcelain teeth that look very real are fixed to the implants using screws and cement.

When you find a reputed clinic for dental implant techniques in Dubai, you need to book it now so that your teeth get prompt medical attention.