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Four Things You Should Know About Luxury Yacht Rentals

A plan of vacationing with your family or a corporate event or just an outdoor activity with friends is something you’ve probably experienced at some point in life. However, when the planning involves traveling to coastal or island destinations anywhere in the UAE, then a luxury yacht charter should not skip your mind.

Not many people have had the pleasure of experiencing a yacht charter. You have probably seen a lot of it in movies. However, reality begs to differ as it doesn’t give you an exact picture of what you can expect when investing your money. What you see in movies often tend to be a lot different in terms of look and feel, in reality. The experience is one of a kind. Below, we discuss factors that you should know about any luxury yacht rental.

Luxury Yacht Rentals

Luxury Yachts Vary in Size

Just like cars, yachts also have their limits. It is in terms of length, capacity, speed, and the number of guests that it can accommodate overnight. As you embark on this journey of choosing a yacht, you must consider two factors. The two most important ones are the capacity and the number of guests it can accommodate for an overnight stay. A yacht is comparatively spacious as opposed to a sailor boat. Therefore, it can house as little as five people to up to 30.

Amenities on Offer Vary from One Yacht to Another

When choosing a yacht, you should take into consideration the type of experience you would want. What are your requirements? Jacuzzi? Flybridge? Gym? If you are lucky enough, you might even find all of these under one roof. It is advisable to invest a considerable amount of time deciding on the amenities that come along with the package while renting a yacht. The best way to go about it is by scheduling a time to discuss it with the team.

What is Your Budget?

Luxury does indeed come with a price tag. However, it can be affordable as well. For instance, Seven Yachts has affordable packages that range from as low as AED 1,700 per hour for their 64ft yacht named “Daydream” to as high as AED 16,000 per hour for the luxurious 164ft Benetti yacht.

Whatever your budget, you get a chance to explore the open waters of the Arabian Sea while being on top of a multimillion Euro yacht. You have the privilege of living luxuriously, which is no longer meant only for the rich. These rental services allow you and your team a beautiful experience at an affordable rate.

Crew of Your Yacht Rental

Which Kind of Crew Does Your Team Prefer?

It is very crucial to know about the crew of your yacht rental, like do they speak your language and how much experience do they have. Apart from this, the team should be attentive to your requests and always be with you during the trip. The decision is left entirely up to you. How can you know better about the staff? You can get recommendations and advice from friends who have previously made use of the same yacht rental service. It will provide you essential insights and help in your decision-making process.