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Four Essential Safety Tips to Follow During a Quad Bike Tour

People who visit Dubai want to enjoy all the thrilling sports in this city. There are several options for open-air expeditions. One of the most famous sports in the region is riding a quad bike in the red sandbanks. You can enjoy the beauty of this vast desert while smashing the sandbanks and riding uphill. However, you must know all the safety measures before signing up for this sport. High speeds can tilt your vehicle and you can end up having a physical injury. If this is the first time you are going on a quad bike tour, follow these tips to stay safe during the journey.

Riding Quad Bike Red Sandbanks

Arrange for an Insurance

You can protect yourself and your loved ones by getting insurance coverage. There is a chance of an accident during your vacations so make sure to have active travel insurance before planning a tour. Many service providers ask for insurance when you sign up for quad bike tours. You must also make sure that your policy covers the adventurous tour as many policies do not cover this thrilling sport regardless of the fact that you were driving the vehicle or sitting as a passenger. In such cases, you may have to pay hefty hospital bills.

Wear Safety Gears and Proper Clothes

You must wear all the gadgets and safety gears provided in order to stay safe during the ride. Some policies also invalidate your claim if you were not wearing the safety gears during an inevitable accident. You must put on your hard helmet, chest pad, knee pad, and elbow guard. Always select a package which includes all these safety gears so you don’t have to worry about buying them. You must also wear loose clothing, safety glasses, and hats to avoid sand particles and bugs.

Rent the Perfect Bike

Go for the best Quad bike rental UAE has to offer so you can ride an ideal and faultless vehicle during the tour. Make sure the bike is in good condition, all the controls are working properly, and it is customized for the tours in the desert. You must have a little bit of mechanical information to check out these aspects. Also, check the condition of the tires. This will avoid any chances of getting stuck in the sand. The bike chain must be covered with low-density oil so it does not attract sand particles.

Quad Bike Rental UAE

Take Extra Measures

You must take care of yourself during the tour. Avoid drinking a lot of water before the ride so you may not feel sick. However, keep your body hydrated during the tour. Wear sunscreen to avoid skin damage.